Types of Coffee Mugs : The Complete List

There is always a coffee mug for every circumstance which you can envision. Regardless of whether you need one, there is always a coffee mug that will suit your personality. Sometimes to keep your caffeine drink warm on an outdoor trip or having a cool drink to take small breaks between your work, you'll definitely discover a lot of choices.

We can sort coffee mugs based on their materials type, the kind of drink they hold, or, for instance, the specific design of the mug (double-walled or personalized), etc. Obviously, each mug type will give you a definite reason to hold it and accompany particular distinctions of utilities.

 Types of mugs based on

There is no chronological evidence about the history of mugs, archaeologists have concluded that at first wood was the material used to carve out the first mug by humans. Later on, when humans discovered the art of pottery making, we started making ceramic and other types of stoneware mugs with diverse designs, shapes, and sizes. With the growth of human civilization mugs were being made of metal, wealthy and aristocrats used mugs made up of bronze, silver, gold, and other precious metals.

Today, when we are living in the era of science and technology with immense knowledge of material science and design features, we have an almost infinite number of collections of mugs to choose from.

Here, we have attempted to classify various types of coffee mugs based on their various types, as mentioned


Usage of Coffee Mugs

  • Classic Mugs

Classic Coffee Mug - Types of Coffee Mugs

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Classical mugs were the first dedicated coffee mugs, Europeans popularized these mugs during the industrial revolution era. It can hold about 230 ml of Liquid, they are generally made of ceramic, porcelain, or glass. They have a similar size base and top, yet the handle is the one thing that gives it a fine grip. These mugs are best suited for indoor use in homes and offices, people with a low or normal appetite can use it.

You should choose these based on the material of mugs because all materials have different heat retention capacities and unique tastes.


  • Regular Mugs

Regular Coffee Mugs - Types of coffee mugsNowadays, most people use regular coffee mugs, these Mugs are the larger version of the classic coffee mugs, they have a similar shape and design like that of a classic mug but with a difference in their sizes, regular coffee mugs can hold around 330 ml of drink whereas the former has only 230 ml of holding capacity.

Now, people drink a lot of caffeinated drinks, so a large capacity mug like this regular mug replaced the traditional classic mugs. These mugs are the most selling mugs in the market, they can be used indoors at homes, offices, shops, etc.

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  • Travel Mug

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The primary utility of a travel mug is to retain the heat of the drink and avoid spillage during travel. These mugs are made by a combination of different materials like steel, plastic, ceramic and other alloys. It normally looks like a thermos flask, with a spill-proof lid or cap on it to give it a snug seal. it is best suited for outdoor use, especially during traveling to keep our coffee or tea warm for longer hours. 

While making a purchase always ensure if the travel mug has a spill-proof lid or cap with a snug seal. Heat retention time should not be less than 12 hours.


  • Tumbler

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A tumbler is a hybrid of a travel mug and regular mug while having the design of a regular mug and heat retention properties of a travel mug to keep your drink warm for a longer time. It looks like a combination of both the mugs mentioned above, while it has a look like that of a travel mug but with a wider base. It has a base size just similar to a regular mug but has a longer height and a bigger handle.

Just like travel mugs, it is also spill-proof and avoids the risk of liquid fallings on laptops or other devices while working.


  • Demitasse/Espresso cup

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Demitasse or Espresso Cups are the smallest ones in this section. At first, you should know that Demitasse and Espresso Cups are the same thing, just with different names. They are the smallest types of coffee holders; they have a capacity of 100 ml.

These cup mugs are mainly used to take small shots of coffee, or for those who have a small intake of caffeine.


  • Material of Coffee Mugs

  • Wood

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Wood was the first material from which mugs were carved out, but they are not popular nowadays for coffee mugs. Still, various wooden mugs are available in the market, which is mainly used for medicinal purposes. Herbal drinks or medicinal drinks are taken in wooden mugs, Sandalwood, Neem, Bijak, Etc woods are good for making wooden mugs for medicinal use. 

  • Stoneware

After the humans learned the art of pottery making they started making various earthen pots and clay mugs. Those stonewares had rough surfaces that were not as smooth as we have today. Later new stoneware materials like ceramic and porcelain were used, which gave an even and smooth finishing.

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  • Ceramic

Ceramics are the most used materials for manufacturing coffee mugs, they can be molded in various shapes, sizes, and designs along with varieties of colors. Made from clay thus, non-toxic to the environment like plastics. They are a little porous thus allow some liquid to absorb in them and hence it may add some taste to the drink. They are less fragile as compared to glass, also scratchless. Its scratchless property makes it easy to handcraft, paint, make designs on it. 

Ceramics is handy for both machine manufacturing as well as handcrafting methods of making mugs.  

  • Porcelain

Porcelain is also a kind of ceramic but with little difference in properties and texture, they are made with finer clay particles and heated on more temperature pressure as we normally do for ceramics. 

Porcelain is more smooth and strong as compared to ceramics. Ceramic is a little porous and allows some liquid to absorb, but porcelain is a bit denser and allows very low absorption of liquids.

  • Glass

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Glass is also a good material for making mugs, but coffee lovers don’t give glasses as much priority as given to ceramics, as in glasses only shapes can be diversified but not design and colors. Fewer designs and limited colors make glass coffee mugs less famous. Still, glasses are loved by a majority of old schools.

  • Melamine

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Melamine is a kind of hard plastic, it is best for those who aim to avoid frequent breaking of fragile materials like ceramic and glass. Homes with kids normally prefer melamine because they regularly break glass or ceramics.

Melamines should be carefully handled around heat and high temperature, it is not microwave safe, do not make contact with hot surfaces or fires. It can melt or catch fire because it is a kind of plastic only.

  • Metal 

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After the discovery of metals, they became a good alternative for pottery and stonewares, because they were not fragile like potteries and absolutely unbreakable, crack-proof, non-brittle, and fall-proof. Royals, rich, and wealthy people kept mugs made up of expensive metals like silver, gold, brass, etc.

But, another problem arose because metals being a good conductor of heat, caused uneven heating of the metal surface making it uneasy to sip the drink, as metal absorbed the heat of the drink and made the metal surface too hot to touch with the mouth. Also, the warmth of the coffee also gets lost quickly.

So, to counter this issue, metal alloys like steel and stainless steel were started being used.  

  • Stainless Steel


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Stainless steel is a metal alloy of iron and carbon, it is mainly used to make travel mugs and tumblers. This material is used for heat retention and thus keeping our beverages warm for a longer period of time. It also resolved the issue of uneven heating as it uniformly distributes the heat over its surface.


  • Bone China

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Bone china is a very special kind of material which was invented in China, it is a mixture of Ceramic and animal bone. Clay is mixed with animal bone ash and then heated at high temperatures.

They are mostly used on special occasions, or parties, still many people buy it for regular use as well. They are thinner and more fragile than ceramics, so special care needs to be taken while handling them.


  • Plastics/Disposable Mugs


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Plastics and other disposable mugs like thermocol or paper disposable mugs are not recommended for longer use. Also, they are single time use and throw items and should not be used twice, but always remember they are not eco-friendly.


  • Design Speciality

  • Footed Mugs

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These mugs originated from Irish culture and are still famous in Ireland. They normally look similar to a wine cup, but these mugs are a bit larger. People who want a different style and design can buy this mug in place of regular mugs.


  • Personalized Mugs 

Ceramic and glass mugs can be personalized for various occasions like weddings, birthdays, festivals, celebrations, etc,. With modern printing technology, company logo, signatures, images/photos from weddings and birthdays, etc, can be printed on mugs to save our memories forever.

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  • Engraved/Designer

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These are also kind of personalized mugs, special designs or engravings are made, like name of birthday boy/girl, name of wedding couples, a personal logo, shop name, etc, are engraved on the mugs

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  • Double Walled

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Double-walled coffee mugs don’t have handles with it, it gives the optical illusion of coffee flowing in between walls of glasses. People who want some funky looking mug should definitely buy it.


  • Pour Over

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These mugs provide a convenient way of making coffee/tea, hot water is directly poured over the mug in which the coffee powder/beans mixture is already kept. There is a filter on top of it. So, with all these arrangements, we can prepare our drink very conveniently just by pouring warm water.


  • Traditional Arts

Traditional mugs are theme-based mugs of some art and crafts, themes could be of culture, tradition, region, country, historic, related to royal lineage. For example Moroccan Carpet designs, Mughal designs, Indian ethnic designs, Royal Italian, etc.,

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  • Mug with Snack Tray

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Many people love to eat snacks with coffee or tea, so these kinds of products can be very handy for those. The snack tray works as a saucer as well for the mug.


  • Novelty

These are unique types of mug designs, the shape of these mugs is made according to the passion or profession of the person, like for a photographer a mug which looks like a camera suits best, similarly, other designs can be made. A fruit shop owner can keep mugs in the shape of fruits. Individuals need to contact manufacturers for these types of items.

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  • Gold Plated

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Gold plated mugs are kept to show wealth and royalty by rich and billionaires. Mostly they are placed as a showpiece and not used for serving purposes. Few people use it for serving guests or visitors to impress them. 


  • Mug with Lid

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Mugs with lids are used to avoid spillage and increase heat retention capacity as the lid protects the steam of warm liquid to flow out. Also, it avoids the risk of liquid falling on laptops, keyboards, or any other devices while working.



We have discussed almost every kind of mug based on their various classifications. You can choose one or multiple items for your needs or preferences. Today people not just buy mugs for specifications or utility but also for showcasing style and elegance, you can express yourself or your personality through these products. They are not just a utility but an emotion, buy one for yourself today.



Do ceramic mugs keep coffee hot?

-Yes, they can retain heat up to some level for some time but cannot work like thermos flask or tumbler


Are glass coffee mugs safe?

Yes, glass coffee mugs are safe but always be careful while handling it because glass is very fragile. Replace immediately in case of cracks.


Is bone china vegetarian?

No, bone is not vegetarian, it contains animal bone ash.