About Us

The Earth Store, India is one of India‘s fastest growing online store for home, kitchen, and bathroom accessories with an exclusive range of kitchenware, tableware, serve-ware, crockeries, and other home decor products. At The Earth Store, we prioritise our Mother Nature the most. Our focus remains on eco-friendly and recyclable products. The very name of our online shopping store is “The Earth Store“ which symbolises care for our planet earth that’s why most of our products are made from renewable materials like wood, clay, and sand. Minimising the use of machine manufacturing and maximising the use of handicraft from skilled traditional artisans, we believe in sustainable products which cost nature and environment the least. We thrive to create the best fusion of nature, tradition, and handcrafts.

Our vision is to expand the utilisation of traditional handicrafts and daily use home & kitchen items of Indian origin in metro cities, urban India, and as well as in overseas. Our efforts help in flourishing our traditional handicraft arts in international space and showcase the widespread talent of our traditional craft workers admirably.

We support “Make In India” and “Vocal For Local” campaigns launched by our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, and that’s why our products are made and designed by skilled rural handicraft artisans. We aim to support the livelihood of millions of rural traditional artisans and craftsmen, “The Earth Store” helps in sustaining and preserving our rich cultural heritage of handicrafts and handmade products, the unique ancient & medieval skill is passed on to generations. Uplifting economic conditions of rural artisans and craftsmen by providing them employment. Our creation acclaims our fundamental roots, draws inspiration from culture, and restores it in the art forms of our products. Our crafts feature the wisdom from the past, we resurrect the astuteness and magnificence of heritage & culture.

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